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The Royce ambassador bed frame is a beautifully hand crafted showpiece. Every ambassador has hundreds of buttons placed to perfection.  The attention to detail on this craft is phenomenal. Guaranteed to make you look twice you will not be disappointed with this Chesterfield design. It has the ability to give your bedroom that luxurious premium feel, a feeling every bedroom should have. This one is a celebrity favourite!

We have a range of colours available for you to choose from which, you can find the link here 

Further information is available below, please have a read through our buying guide to help you make the right decisions for you when building and purchasing your new bed.

Headboard- All headboards are measured from floor to the top of the headboard, standard heights are anywhere from 47"-50" but we give you the option to select any height you prefer. If for any reason a height you are wanting is not listed then please inform us and we can manually make the custom adjustment for you. No height is too big or too small. 

Split Headboards - A split headboard is required when you cannot get either a regular or a larger headboard into your room. This could be for reasons such as a low ceilings or any tight turn at the top of the stairs. If you are confident a headboard will go up then there is no requirement to get a split headboard. From a visual perspective you cannot tell when a headboard is a split once it is assembled.

Base Types;

Slatted base - This is a regular bed with no storage. The base is made up of slats which are held in place via anti slip materials but can be drilled in if preferred. This particular type of base works with mattresses that are medium or firmer.

Board base- Good alternative to the slatted base. A more popular choice for the non storage beds as it is preferred by many due to the lack of movement in comparison to slats. They also work better with a softer mattress as you cannot feel individual wooden planks

Ottoman Gas Lift - One of the most popular storage bed choices available, made using high quality timber with a gas powered piston opening system making this easier for you to use. This comes with a solid lid and floor, perfect for a softer mattress or even a firmer one. The flooring ensures your items are enclosed in a box and not on the carpet. If you can see a footboard on the image, you will still get this with the storage option. This is a 2 piece complete box/opening system but both the base and lids are attached together once assembled so they will open as one piece. The base lid is covered in an anti slip backing material which ensures your mattress will stay firmly in place. A strap is provided to open the foot end opening gas lift system if the bed has a footboard for easy storage.

Divan Base with Storage - Available as a divan 2 drawer or divan 4 drawer, this depends on the headboard style. The 4 drawer divan base is not available with a wingback style headboard or an ambassador style headboard. The Divan 2 drawer is available with both the wingback, scroll and sleigh bed types. This is ideal for those that prefer not to lift which could be down to preference or an extremely bad back. Situated with a drawer on both the left and right side at the foot end this is a perfect alternative. This base type suits soft, medium and firm mattresses.

Metal Slatted Gas Lift - Like the idea of a slatted base but want storage as well? This one is for you. A more affordable option as a storage bed but also retains the complete features of a bed frame which include the same side rails and footboard sizes. This is different to the ottoman gas lift storage bed as it does not have a solid floor, your items will be placed on the carpet. In addition to this the top lid is not solid like the ottoman gas lift but is a slatted base that lifts up.


Full memory mattress - A pure full memory mattress, ideal for those wanting a very soft mattress. If you have a bad back then it is advised to avoid this mattress. Silent mattress with no noises when turning finished in hypoallergenic breathable damask fabric.

Orthopaedic mattress - A medium feel mattress, ideal for those wanting something not soft and not firm. Silent mattress with no noises when turning finished in hypoallergenic breathable damask fabric.

3000 pocket mattress- A firmer mattress, 3000 individual pocket sprungs. Advised for bad back sufferers, silent mattress with no noises when turning finished in hypoallergenic breathable damask fabric.

Colours available are Black Chenille  Charcoal Chenille (Dark Grey)  Steel Chenille (Light Grey)  Cream Chenille  Mink Chenille  Cream Champagne Velvet  Deep Grey Velvet  Midnight Black Velvet  Silver Crushed Velvet  Truffle Brown Velvet  Silver Plush Plain Velvet  Slate Plush Plain Velvet  Mink Plush Plain Velvet  Black Plush Plain Velvet  Grey Plush Plain Velvet  Navy Blue Plush  Teal Plush Plain Velvet  Pink Plush Velvet  Mustard Plush Velvet  Cream Plush Velvet  White Plush Velvet  Grey Naple  Cream Naple  Brown Naple  Sand Naple  Silver Naple  Emerald Green Plush  Maroon Plush  Almond Coniston  Mink Coniston  Tumeric Coniston  Ox - Blood Coniston  Pink Coniston  Armour Coniston  Charcoal Coniston  Emerald Coniston  Blue Coniston

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Bed Size Length (cm) Width (cm) Head Height (cm) Foot Height (cm)
Single 231 157 122 31
Small Double 231 188 122 31
Double 231 203 122 31
King Size 236 218 122 31
Super King 236 251 122 31

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